Sanjeshka (Sanja Pupovac) is a Serbian artist born in Zadar, in 1983. Daughter of a Jugoslav diplomat, she moved frequently throughout her childhood. During the Jugoslavian crisis, she was living in Kuwait with her family, when they were denied citizenship from both Serbia and Croatia. As a result, the family lived inside the Jugoslavian Embassy in Kuwait and was unable to leave the country. During this prolonged condition, Sanjeshka attended an Indian school. Her culture and work, especially her verbal influences stem in both Arabic and Indian poetry and culture, in addition to the more obvious Italian influences. Sanjeska studied at the Politecnico in Milano where she currently teaches Art and Design.

The artist begins her career in design and progressively moves towards her artistic practice that comprehends photography, video, performance, poetry, sculpture, and audio. Sanjeshka is known to generate collaborations with dissimilar artists such as musicians and painters and create new shared terrain.

A few accomplishments and institutions include the performative works “Goddamned Cat Lady”, “It cannot be. Can it?”, “Heart Break Epitaph + Dead Kids Epitaph” on the occasion of the show “My clowder is ready we gather at dawn” at Casa degli Artisti (Milano, November 2022); Solo show “More Wings than Needed” (Bolzano, Spazio Cut, Settembre - Ottobre 2022) performative lecture for the presentation of Spazio Libero residency (September 2022) at Casa degli Artisti in Milano (June - December 2022); “Six past Nine” residency and virtual exhibition on New Art City platform (London, May - July 2022); Edicola Radetzky for her “Unsuccessful” solo show (2020), a performance piece carried out at Assab One for “Reading Books to Unsuccessful workers” (2020), Fotonica studio and Day Off magazine for the presentation and publication of “Internet Rules” (2019), Triennale Design Museum for the show Italian Design Beyond the Crisis where her magazine Golden Compass nominated PataMagazine was exhibited, her photograph “Birches” exhibited at the Venice Art Biennale (2013).

Sanjeshka reflects on the dangerous and disastrous detachment of man from spirituality and the realm of the unsaid. In her work, she explores the urgent need to formulate a language as an escape (trojan horse) from hyper productivity and hyper positivism. Her work often praises inaction and reflects on the society of information.


“My clowder is ready, we gather at dawn” curated by Irene Sofia Comi and Chiara Spagnol
Casa degli Artisti
November - December

“More Wings than Needed” solo show at Spazio Cut curated by Eleonora Angiolini, Maximilian Pellizzari & Leonardo Cuccia
September - October 

“Perpetually Changing the Meaning of what was Spiritually Intended” curated by Eleonora Angiolini
time based performance at Monastery of Cairate
18th September

Solo show “The Imperceptible Rise of Perversely Peaceful Jokers” Curated by Contemporary Attitude
March 20 - 30
Edicola Radetzky

Mostra di fine inverno
19 February 
Collective show at Galleria70

Internet Rules for Humans
1st October 
Fotonico studio

solo show Qualche Preghiera Fa
May 5 - July 28
Curated by Eugenio Bitetti

Collective show De Abstractione
February 9 at Galleria70

Collctive show Via Pietro Calvi 2
March 22 at Galleria70

By Heart For Good
Preview show
Spazio Via Modena 22

Collective Novecento 70
Galleria 70

Inventario at Art Venice Biennale
curated by INVENTARIO - Foscarini

press & pubblications

"Fotografa in scena"
NPhotography July 2017 Interview by Giovanni Pelloso

commissioned and published by INTERNI MAGAZINE

published on the cover of MADE magazine, art co-direction with Alberto Biagetti, 2011

Selected for Compasso D’oro of ADI (Industrial design association) for the webzine WWW.PATAMAGAZINE.COM


Residency at Casa degli Artisti in Milano
Mentor Milovan Farronato
June - December

“Six past Nine” residency and virtual exhibition on New Art City platform
London, May - July

Performance “Reading Books to Unsuccessful Workers”
1st February for Contemporary Attitude

Internet Rules for Humans
1st October
Fotonico studio

Epitaphs launch event
Brignoli & Alemani Contemporary Art Advisory
May 28th

Photoweek - Qualche preghiera fa - Sanja Pupovac

10 June at Galleria70

Presentation of work for Inventario
C.M.Clerici Italian Institute of Culture Stockholm
Stockholm - 7February

Italian Design Beyond the Crisis
Autarky, Austerity, Autonomy

Triennale Design Museum / Curated by Beppe Finessi
PATAMAGAZINE Co-founder, writer and publisher

NOVECENTO 70 - How the show works
Talk with
Eugenio Bitetti / Curator
Sanja Pupovac / Artist
17 November

Collaboration with Alberto Biagetti an exclusive collection designed for POSTDESIGN gallery, presented during the Milano Design Week

The Three Brides
Objet d’art - limited edition for VENINI, sold world wide and made by glass blowing in Murano, Venice


Enzo Mari is always right 
University of Design - Politecnico di Milano

Art wants to be free (Land Art)
University of Design - Politecnico di Milano


Art wants to be free (Land Art)
University of Design - Politecnico di Milano

Imagine Remember Cut (Yoko Ono, Louise Bourgeois, Gordon Matta Clark)
University of Design - Politecnico di Milano

The Artist is Universe (Marina Abramovic)
University of Design - Politecnico di Milano

Enzo Mari is always right
University of Design - Politecnico di Milano

If we could tell Water what to do
University of Architecture - Politecnico di Milano

Intimacy has stepped out 
University of Design - Politecnico di Milano

The Room I Desire

Film in Milano
The Room I Desire
at Politecnico di Milano

Funerals in Cinema
Weddings in Cinema
at Politecnico di Milano

Collaboravite lectures with Matteo Pirola
on Decoration
on Self Portrait
at Politecnico di Milano